After losing out to Red Bull five times in a row, Mercedes has finally claimed victory at the last weekend’s British Grand Prix.

Chief technical officer James Allison thinks that the upgrades that were implemented during the race played a significant role in helping the team to win.

He reveals this information during a Mercedes de-brief in a YouTube video.

The team had announced the upgrades prior to the race in Silverstone and the outcome has been positive so far.

“We brought a good aero package, and definitely saw an improvement in our performance,” said Allison.

Competitive weekend due to updates

“Whether it was better or less than we expected is hard to say,” he continued. 

“Because we didn’t have the luxury of a controlled experiment.

“Still, we were able to compare some things and it looked good.

“If we kept a stopwatch we could see that we had improved compared to the rest of the field,” he added.

Gained traction on Red Bull

The Mercedes CTO also adds that thanks to the upgrades, the outfit has been able to close the gap with rivals Red Bull.

“We gained some ground on Red Bull and as a result, we had a more competitive weekend. So we went home pretty elated,” Allison concluded.

Red Bull currently stands with 289 in the constructor’s standings while Mercedes trails in second with 285.

The next race will take us to Hungary where we will see the rivals battle it out once again.

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