Messing with the wrong guy: Derrick Lewis punches the daylights out of a carjacker

UFC heavyweight challenger Derrick Lewis recently had an odd run-in with a carjacker. A video was posted on Lewis’ Instagram handle where a man is seen being arrested by police while Lewis shows off the scratches on his car where the thief tried to break in.

In the video, Lewis is seen looking at the camera and saying, “Motherf***** tried to break into my s**t.”

He wrote, “Mofo pick right/wrong car to break into. HE’S OK #herbdeanfault.”

Lewis also shared a photo of his bruised fist on his Instagram account, suggesting that the robber was deterred from driving away with the car. Three words appeared in the story: “Satisfaction. He’s ok.”

According to Ariel Helwani, Lewis allegedly knocked out his would-be thief after coming across him in the middle of his crime.

“Derrick Lewis tells me he noticed a man trying to break into his SUV this morning. He knocked the man out. The police then apprehended him. I believe the correct thing to say here is, ‘He’s ok.’,” he said.

The carjacker was possibly unaware that his intended target, who goes by the moniker ‘Black Beast,’ has the joint-highest number of knockouts in the UFC.

Lewis has a long list of impressive and destructive knockouts in the UFC. Since he was carried away in a police car rather than an ambulance, the robber would most likely consider himself fortunate.

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