Michael Schumacher’s Jordan 191 up for sale

Legendary F1 driver Michael Schumacher’s Jordan 191 is now up for sale.

Schumacher started his illustrious career in the Jordan 191. The car marked his debut, and what would follow for many years is quite simply history. Car experts and fans hail the Jordan 191 as one of the most beautiful F1 cars ever made. Now, the iconic car has gone up for sale. If you break the bank, you might be able to drive home in it.

Jordan 191 - A Car That Schumacher Drove on his F1 Debut | SnapLap
The Jordan 191 (pictured) is up for sale. Source: snaplap.net

The Jordan 191 can now be found on sale at speedmasterscars.com. The story behind the Jordan 191 is quite iconic. Schumacher got into its seat because of a strange incident involving its actual driver, Bertrand Gachot.

Gachot had been sent to prison for two months after spraying tear gas at a poor taxi driver in London. As a result, Schumacher and the Jordan 191 crossed paths, and it was love at first sight.

No one expected Schumacher to do much, but he impressed everyone on the grid. He qualified the Jordan 191 in seventh place at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

The race didn’t exactly go his way, as he picked up a problem with his clutch. It would also be his last appearance in Eddie Jordan’s green beauty, as the talented Schumacher was signed by Benetton to drive their car a year later.

Looking for owners

That car is now up for sale all these years later. The Jordan 191 offered is one of seven models ever made, so the car is super rare in itself. This example is actually the car Schumacher debuted in, making it a true collector’s item. An official price is not mentioned on the website, but if you think it will come cheap, you are probably not a worthy buyer.

It will probably break the bank, but it is worth every penny. Buying one doesn’t just grant you bragging rights. You also buy a literal time capsule and a piece of one of the richest branches of F1 history.

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