Mini Khabib goes viral once again after fighting in a chef outfit against ‘playful’ monkey

Hasbulla Magomedov was shown in yet another comedy scene that received considerable attention on social media.

A video surfaced where Magomedov fights a monkey jestfully as he is disguised as a kitchen chef.

The video showcases him in a restaurant, dressed as a chef. A monkey charges Magomedov in a playful manner while he tries to retreat. The monkey follows him through the dining room as he sees Magomedov.

The social media sensation tries to punch and kick to discourage the monkey, but without success. The monkey follows Magomedov and then jumps over a neighbouring chair.

Magomedov is widely referred to as ‘Mini Kabib’ in Dagestan. Initially, Magomedov was misidentified as Nurmagomedov’s son by certain sectors of the MMA world. However, this misunderstanding was soon rectified as his fame developed.

Magomedov is reportedly a big fan of Khabib and has even met with his idol. The popularity of the social media celebrity was further enhanced when videos of Magomedov and Khabib dining together surfaced on the internet.

Hasbulla rose to prominence by mimicking Khabib

Magomedov is from the same region as Khabib. He reportedly has a development problem that causes his voice, height, and other physical attributes to mimic those of a toddler despite the fact that he is an adult.

In his home country Dagestan, he rose to fame by impersonating Khabib. His videos ultimately drew the attention of Nurmagomedov’s internet admirers, who were attracted by the skits’ comic aspect. Despite his social media fame and success, Magomedov has stated that he aspires to be a theologian.

Meanwhile, his idol Nurmagomedov retired from MMA after defeating Justin Gaethje through second-round submission in their lightweight title unification match at UFC 254 at UFC 254. (October 2020).

The UFC and Khabib agreed to his retirement in March 2021. Following that, The UFC named a new lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira, who defeated Michael Chandler via second-round TKO at UFC 262 on May 15th, 2021.

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