Most popular sporting tournaments to attend around the world

They say sport speaks in a language understood by all. If that’s so, then the greatest sporting events on the planet sing in a lyrical harmony that excites, thrills and despairs in equal unison. If these spectacles of breathtaking talent and human endeavour make fantastic TV, then imagine being in attendance – right at the heart of it all! Here are just a few of the most popular sporting tournaments that you can attend around the world.

The FIFA World Cup

The people that make up the footballing nations of the world unite for a month every four years to engage in the most patriotic display on the planet. In everything else, they may be divided – by language, culture and cause during proceedings – but for the duration of the World Cup, all have one thing in common – an unparalleled fervour for sporting glory. Thirty-two qualifying nations compete for the World Cup trophy during an extravaganza of flag-waving and colourful celebration. 

The greatest football players take to the stage (think Pele, Maradona, Bobby Moore, Johann Cruyff etc) and for a brief moment in time, nothing else matters but victory. Around three million people are lucky enough to attend each FIFA World Cup live with a further global TV audience of over one billion. There are several leagues that football bettors can bet on every year, such as the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. But since the World Cup only happens every four years, football fans will not want to miss out on this extremely popular sporting tournament! 


Otherwise known as the most prestigious, famous and the oldest tennis tournament in the world, an article mentioning the top sport tournaments wouldn’t be right without mentioning Wimbledon! With some of the world’s best tennis players thwacking and grunting their way through epic matches on the famous grass courts, the popularity of the sport is huge. Half a million tennis fans converge on the All England Club each summer. Stars like Roger Federer have stolen the show over the years and the number of great players is outstanding and most certainly worth the visit!

The Masters

From the lush green fairways to the manicured greens and fabled green jacket of the Masters – the grandest tournament in golf is famously billed as a ‘tradition like no other’. Augusta National has more celebrated landmarks than any other sporting theatre. It has a famous corner (Amen), iconic bridges (Hogan’s, Nelson, Sarazen), a celebrated pond (Ike’s) and more renowned plaques, trees and other assorted features than any guidebook to the world’s most historical locations. And the course is pretty good too.

The golf on display only just piques the sporting interest more than the stunning setting. Who could forget Jack Nicklaus becoming the oldest player to win the Masters at the age of 46 or Tiger Woods the youngest at just 21. In 1935, Gene Sarazen played one of the most famed 4-woods in golfing history with his ‘shot heard around the world’ while over half a century later Sandy Lyle staged one of the most remarkable recoveries from sand to become the first British winner!

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl stands unique in the world of sport. No other sporting spectacle can pack in as much action, power-packed play, sheer hype and pure madness as the three hours of greatness that takes place in January or February every year. The climax of the NFL season, the actual game of American Football at the Super Bowl almost plays second fiddle to every other thing going on. With staggering live match bets that bring bettors together each year, the game is consistently the talk of the town for fans across the globe!

From the moment every resident of the United States weeps during the opening Star-Spangled Banner, to the over-the-top fan celebrations, to the glitzy half-time shows, even to the jaw-droppingly funny commercials that proliferate every quarter, who ever really needed to watch the astounding plays, showboating touchdowns and grandstand finishes of the likes of Tom Brady, Troy Aikman and Joe Montana for entertainment?

The Olympics

While the Super Bowl enjoys billing itself as the ‘greatest show on earth’, no other occasion can truly lay claim to the title of ‘greatest sporting show on earth’ than the Olympics. For a fleeting fortnight every four years, the finest athletes in almost every discipline there is, take their place in the Summer Games seeking a moment of golden glory.

The Olympic Games remain the most-watched sporting event in the world and continuously reaches an audience of over three billion viewers! The sheer scale of the Olympics surpasses anything else. The mere sight of Usain Bolt sprinting faster than a man is meant to and Michael Phelps proving an unproven theory that we all evolved from fish will always be shown and reshown as the ultimate displays of pure athleticism and human spirit.

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