“Never realised that with Max”: F1 analyst makes interesting discovery about Verstappen drive

Formula 1 analyst Peter Windsor has had an interesting revelation after reviewing images from the Spanish Grand Prix. According to him, Lewis Hamilton takes a much tighter corner as compared to Max Verstappen. This lets him use less energy on his tyres.

Windsor said that Hamilton managed to keep his car a lot more stable than Verstappen during the race. He did this by using a lot less road.

“Verstappen let the corners go on longer. I never realized that with Max. I’ve never been able to see him compared to Lewis Hamilton with the same Pirelli’s at the same stage of the race,” he said in his latest Youtube video.

“It was great how Lewis’ very short corners and his early steering helped him against Max. You could see that for the same lap time, Max had to use a lot more energy from his Pirelli medium tyres,” said Windsor.

He also claimed that Verstappen uses a lot more of his tyres as compared to Hamilton.

“You could see that Lewis was just steering in a metre earlier. That’s where Lewis Hamilton earned the win at the Spanish Grand Prix,” said Windsor.

It was not an easy win for Hamilton considering he was far behind Verstappen. He had to demand a lot more from his tyres and also had to deal with high temperatures while braking.

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