“Never underestimate the ability of a team like Ferrari”: McLaren boss knows he has fight on his hands

McLaren and Ferrari are two of the most esteemed teams in the history of Formula 1.

Together, they have accounted for a whopping 24 constructors’ championships. In terms of the drivers’ standings, Ferrari has won 15 and McLaren has managed 12.

The last decade has not been one of promise for either of them. they have both failed to win a single title in this period, with Red Bull and Mercedes the only teams to taste success.

However, the start to the 2021 campaign has seen far more optimism from both camps. They believe they have made significant progress in the off-season.

This has fascinated McLaren boss Andreas Seidl, who believes Ferrari has made significant improvements since last year.

“I think with everything we have seen at the test and also across the weekend, it shows Ferrari has made a big step forward compared to last year which is not unexpected,” Seidl said.

“We always said we never underestimate the ability of a team like Ferrari with all the history and all the resources they have, with all the experience to come back quickly, so it is not a surprise.

“They have two great drivers as well and I’m simply looking forward to battling with Ferrari again this year. How it will play out, it is simply too early to say but I’m definitely looking forward to battling this great team.”

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