“New name for you”: Ricciardo takes hilarious pop at Bottas’ uncensored bum

The latest season of the Netflix docuseries Drive to Survive has captured the imagination of most Formula 1 enthusiasts.

The show is filled with plenty of exciting content including some scenes that can best be termed slightly controversial. One such incident involves Mercedes driver Valterri Bottas.

New McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo can certainly be categorised as someone who really enjoyed it.

It takes place in the third episode of the show. Building up to the Russian Grand Prix, the crew members of Drive to Survive decide to follow Bottas into the sauna and film him naked.

Whether they did it on purpose or it was to add to the buzz around the series, but even after editing, the Drive to Survive team decided to keep this footage of Bottas butt naked. (Note: I could’ve put an apostrophe on the end of Bottas’ name and the sentence would still hold true).

Ricciardo climbed (ahem) on the opportunity to take a pop at Bottas (double ahem).

While the docuseries has enabled viewers to get a closer picture of drivers and their unique personalities, few would’ve fathomed they’d get content quite like this.

Ricciardo took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Bottas’ butt and even coined a new name for him!

It was so catchy that even the bloke handling Mercedes’ Twitter handle couldn’t help but get involved.

Ricciardo has joined McLaren and will partner Lando Norris in the upcoming Formula 1 season.

Norris is not as experienced as Ricciardo in the sport, but has spent a considerable amount of time at McLaren, which in a way makes him the senior driver.

“It’s funny. I’m certainly the more experienced in terms of F1. This being my 11th season, but in terms of McLaren, Lando is the more experienced,” Ricciardo said.

“For sure, there are some things I can learn from him, particularly within the team itself, the integration into the McLaren family. Every time you have a new teammate.

“It’s a real opportunity to learn something new, like work ethic or a driving technique, or both.”

Ricciardo is optimistic that with the new Mercedes engine, McLaren has a genuine chance of competing against the best on the grid.

Where do you think McLaren will finish in the constructors’ standings at the end of the season?

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