New season, old winning formula – The mercurial rise of the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are back and they are looking better than ever. The resurgence could not have been clearer from the style of play they employed to win Game 3 of the West Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. They were up against an in-form Luka Doncic who ended the game with 40 points, but it was the Warriors who had the last laugh in the game with a 109-100 score line.

With a 3-0 lead on the series, the Golden State Warriors are the indisputable favorite to advance to the finals with odds at +100, definitely a game four that won’t disappoint, and for an extra layer of spicy you can check on Caesars Sportsbook promotions for this month that can land a big payout if you choose the right team.

The Golden State Warriors have been a force to be reckoned with this season but that was not the case for the last two years. The last Finals appearance came back in 2019 when they were defeated by the Toronto Raptors.

Plagued by injuries and a lacklustre show by the young talents, the Warriors had their worst run of form in recent times in 2020 and the following year, they once again fell short of the finals but the big positive for them was the performance of some of the young prospects. 

But as they say – Form is temporary but class is permanent and that is exactly the sentiment that Warriors forward Draymond Green echoed after his team’s victory in Game 3.

“None of these people really removed us from this space,” Green told ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk. “Toronto beat us, but no one really came and said, ‘All right, the Golden State Warriors’ time is up.’”

The statement can be considered to be a show of Green’s confidence but the display by the Golden State Warriors actually backs up his claims. With the trio of Green, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry playing regularly without injuries, the turnaround has been remarkable and the Warriors have actually shown flashes of their old glory – the strategies that helped them create their NBA ‘dynasty’.

What makes GSW special?

Stephen Curry. Credit:

If we want to analyse the Warriors style of play, the first thing that catches one’s eye is the sheer physicality of the defense. The team has employed a tactic that allows them to close down spaces using their reach and create opportunities for counterattacks. In contrast, they have the most open and swift attack in the league which operates freely with great understanding between the forwards.

Coming to Game 3, the Warriors showed a lot of respect to Doncic who has been hailed as the ‘next big thing’ but by pressing his passing avenues, they were able to create a vacuum around him. As a result, the team had less than 40 per cent shooting from the field and it went down below 30 per cent when it comes to the three-pointers. This practically nullified a superb show from Doncic.

The other area where the Golden State Warriors absolutely dominated the Dallas Mavericks is the performance in the third quarter. Generally, that is a period of time when teams look to consolidate before going hard in the final quarter of the game but it has been a completely different story.

In Game 3, the Warriors went into the half-time with a 48-47 but on resumption, the intent was absolutely clear. It was like they had a clear plan in their mind as they raced to a 78-68 lead.

This has been a constant trend in the Western Conference Finals as stats show that in the three games till now, the Warriors have scored 10.3 more points than Mavericks in the third quarter. This is actually a throwback to their 2018 number when they scored 9.7 points more than Houston Rockets.

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