Nico Rosberg claims Valtteri Bottas has found pace thanks to Lewis Hamilton’s chassis

According to former Formula 1 driver, Nico Rosberg, Red Bull has a lot more chance of winning the title as compared to Mercedes.

Additionally, the Sky Sports pundit also reveals an explanation of how Valtteri Bottas suddenly developed so much speed on Friday.

What did Rosberg say?

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“We were a bit surprised yesterday because this is the absolutely Mercedes track,” Rosberg stated.

“Yet in the Mercedes sectors as well, Red Bull were really strong setting purple sectors, as a result of that I think qualifying will be so tight and interesting today.”

Paul Ricard is a more ‘normal’ circuit

Rosberg also added that the circuit in France is a ‘normal’ circuit on the season calendar.

“We’ve had unusual tracks in Monaco and Azerbaijan, this is more of a normal track so yes this is an important test for Red Bull to see where they are on a normal track,” he continued.

“But also here it’s a special situation because so much of it is down to tyres overheating, especially on the front end so it’s a unique situation in that sense actually.”

Valtteri Bottas in France;

Chassis change led to speed

Rosberg also gave an explanation on how Bottas suddenly managed to get so much speed.

“Maybe it’s down to the swapping of the chassis,” he said.

“Because he has Lewis’ chassis here for this weekend, so maybe as a result of that he has found a lot of form,” he concluded.

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