The saga behind two of the greatest F1 drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg needs almost no introduction.

The two of them grew up together, spent their youth together, and joined Mercedes together. However, they became the biggest archrivals during their time with the Silver Arrows.

On several occasions, the two drivers tapped each other, clashed, and battled it out on the track.

So much was the rivalry that they knocked each other out in 2016 back in Barcelona. This led Max Verstappen to claim his first victory.

Looking back at Barcelona

Nico Rosberg believes that Max Verstappen is in a similar situation as he was back in 2016.

This comes after Verstappen crashed out of the British Grand Prix following a tag from Hamilton.

“Absolutely yes, because I was there in one of those World Cup battles, wheel-to-wheel racing, and especially also with Lewis, it reminded me a bit of that,” Rosberg said

‘More complicated during my time’

The German went on to win the 2016 season after which he decided to call it quits. The battle with Hamilton had left the driver exhausted.

However, while he thinks that Verstappen is currently in a similar position, the situation is somewhat different for him.

“I think in my time it was even more complicated because it was within the same team,” he continued.

“Here you have the whole team behind Verstappen, the whole team behind Lewis, and then it’s the team against the team and that makes it a bit different.”

Rosberg, however, thinks that the battle between the two drivers is something fans will surely be looking forward to.

“I think it’s a fantastic battle, a battle of the generations. So to say the star of this generation against the star of the next generation, it’s really great fun,” he concluded.

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