Nico Rosberg takes up the role of F1 commentator

Former world champion Nico Rosberg has taken up the role of a commentator after the Hungarian GP.

Rosberg won the WDC in 2016, before announcing his shock retirement from the sport. He was one of the best drivers on the grid until he left the sport. However, the retired German seems to be a champion at something else related to F1, but isn’t racing.

Rosberg is also a commentator, and is one of the better ones at it. He joined the Sky F1 team back in 2018, and takes part in previews for races with Anthony Davidson and Karun Chandhok. Recently, he commentated on the Hungarian GP along with David Croft, and it was a revelation.

It was the first time Rosberg commentated on a race, and it was artful. Rosberg complemented Crofty’s passion and hype perfectly with his expert analysis and observations. Being a racer himself, his observations on how drivers were doing each lap was a breath of fresh air.

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Many fans called for Nico Rosberg (pictured) to be part of the commentary team following his impressive showing. Source:

Many fans hailed Rosberg and the commentator partnership with Crofty, and called for his permanent presence in the commentary booth. It seems like they got their wish, as Rosberg has confirmed his next race calling.

A fan commented on Rosberg’s social media, and praised him for his work. The German replied, saying, “Thanks! Next one: Zandvoort!”

Passing comments

This means that although Rosberg will not be there for the Belgian GP, he will be present for the race in Netherlands. The Dutch GP will be his next stop as commentator, and fans cannot wait for the ex-Mercedes driver to call the race.

This is a welcome addition. Since 2020, Rosberg has commented more frequently, but it was during practice sessions. The main races would be called by Crofty, Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz. Now we may have a fourth member to share commentary duties with the trio.

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