Nikita Mazepin foul-mouths Charles Leclerc during French GP free practice

Nikita Mazepin is surely an interesting addition to the Formula 1 family considering he has had some serious moments with other drivers.

The Haas driver, once again, ‘Mazepin-d’ himself into another situation with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc during the free practice in France.

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Previously in Baku and Spain, both Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc had expressed frustration against Mazepin on their team radios.

We can only hope for a clean race on Sunday with a significant fall in the number of swear words these drivers use against each other.

Mazepin swears at Leclerc

During one of the laps in free practice, Mazepin was turning towards the pit straight when he was caught off guard by Leclerc.

This led the Russian to take a wide route making him furious and resort to using profane words over the team radio.

“Absolutely, *********” Mazepin exclaimed after losing out on precious time due to Leclerc’s maneuver.

Mazepin to score points in France?

The Haas rookie has been having a difficult time ever since his Formula 1 debut this season and is yet to score his first set of points.

He is currently 19th in the driver’s standings with his best result recorded during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix with a 14th place finish.

The 22-year-old still has a lot to learn in order to achieve better results and the upcoming race in Le Castellet could really help him with that.

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