Nikita Mazepin sheds light on military service rumours – “Everything is very clear”

Haas driver Nikita Mazepin has cleared rumours about him leaving Formula 1 and going for compulsory military service in his country.

According to a rule in Russia, men between the ages of 18 and 27 have to do a year of military service.

Mazepin, however, claims that this will not have any impact on his Formula 1 career.

Mazepin explains the reason

Nikita Mazepin; Source:

“For me, everything is very clear,” Mazepin said. “In Russia, there are two ways you can meet conscription.

“The first option is to complete your studies and then work full-time for a year. The other option is to be trained as a reserve officer for three years.

That’s one day a week and actually just takes place in a classroom. That’s what I’ve been doing for two years.”

Will graduate next year

Mazepin for Haas; Source:

Mazepin is expected to graduate next year as a reserve officer. Parallelly, his studies will continue.

“Last week I passed my last exam of the first four years at university,” added Mazepin. “I want to get a second master’s degree in the next two years,” he concluded.

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