“No bullsh*t stories with him”: Max Verstappen sees Helmut Marko as a ‘father’ figure

Red Bull prodigy Max Verstappen began his journey in Formula 1 starting from Toro Rosso (AlphaTauri) and moved up to the main team.

During the process, the Dutchman has developed a close relationship with the members of the outfit, most notably with team advisor Helmut Marko.

Max Verstappen and Dr Helmut Marko. Source: thesportsrush.com

Verstappen has been in great form this entire season putting up a tough fight for Lewis Hamilton. He is in second place in the driver’s standings.

The 23-year-old is looking forward to the race at the Monaco Grand Prix where he will be hoping to take the lead.

Helmut Marko is like ‘a father’

In an exclusive interview with Racingnews365, Verstappen spoke about how he considers Marko to be a prominent figure in his life.

“Helmut is like a father to me, yes. I have a very good relationship with both of them and with Helmut…he says what he thinks and he is always straightforward. I like that. There are no bullsh*t stories with him.

“The relationship with Marko is very good, and so is the one with Christian. Of course, over the years we have been through so much and it is all going well. We get along well,” Verstappen concluded.

Aiming for the title

Verstappen has had a great season till now. With 80 points in his bag, he is currently in second place behind Lewis Hamilton.

Red Bull and Mercedes. Source: formula1.com

The Dutchman has hopes of scoring some more points at the upcoming Monaco GP to try and take the lead in the driver’s standings.

He has proved that he can take out Lewis Hamilton when required and put up a strong fight against him.

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