“No instruction to collude”: Horner says Red Bull and AlphaTauri do not work as single team

Red Bull principal Christian Horner has revealed how the four drivers that have been contracted to the team are supposed to counter and compete against each other on the grid.

After the collision between George Russell and Valtteri Bottas, the relationship between teams and their junior drivers that have been placed in rival outfits became a source of debate.

Red Bull has four drivers who are split into two team – Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez form the senior team with Red Bull while Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda at AlphaTauri form the junior team. Horner clearly said that the four have never been instructed to work together.

“In Red Bull’s case, all drivers are Red Bull racing drivers and they’re assigned obviously to AlphaTauri. But there’s no instruction to work effectively as one team,” Horner said.

“There’s a request to respect the fellow members but that said, they’re free to race and race each other hard, as we’ve seen on numerous occasions. But there’s no instruction to collude or anything along those lines.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has denied that he laid down instructions for Russell and Bottas after his conversation with them regarding their crash.

“I want most of it to stay confidential because I had discussions with both of the drivers,” he said.

“Drivers have to go for a gap. Sometimes it’s evaluating whether it’s taking a risk. I guess that a young driver will always go for the possibility and nothing else is expected. And the question is, is there enough reaction time to evaluate who is the other car? I think not.

“So in a way, there is never 100 percent blame on one and zero on the other one. It’s probably always much more nuanced and I’m really happy about the conversation we had. There is no confusion on any side and there is no rules for any of the drivers. It’s just us giving feedback.”

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