“No longer has to risk everything to compete with Hamilton”: One change has given Verstappen advantage

According to Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, Max Verstappen is not only faster than Lewis Hamilton, he also has better car control than the reigning world champion. He believes it is up to Red Bull to provide him with a worthy car to prove that point.

After two races into the 2021 season, the fight for the championship is turning heads as Verstappen attempts to end Hamilton’s run for an unprecedented eighth world title.

The two drivers have each taken one win this season. Hamilton won in Bahrain while Verstappen in Imola. In both the races, the other driver was the runner-up.

However, Hamilton, after recording the fastest lap at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, is leading the championship.

“The two will decide the title among themselves,” Marko told F1-Insider.com. “They are at eye level but way ahead of everyone else.

“If we can keep on delivering a car that will keep up with Mercedes, Max can do it.

“In any case, it will be extremely exciting.”

The two drivers are competing in almost equally matched machinery. Red Bull’s RB16B with its high-rake design is challenging Mercedes’ W12 low-rake design. This puts the entire pressure on the two drivers and their skill.

“When it comes to car control and speed, Max is definitely ahead,” Marko stated.

“But Lewis has more experience. That is still in the balance at the moment.

“Max learns something new with every race. He is still young. Mistakes are more likely to happen, even if they become fewer and fewer.”

Verstappen’s Imola strategy took the Brit by shock as he pushed Hamilton, the pole sitter, into the first corner after coming in from the third position to overtake him.

Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen is also keen on seeing how the season turns out.

“For the first time Max has a car with which he no longer has to risk everything to keep up with Mercedes. And he knows that too.”

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