“Nobody can knock you for giving it your all”: Hamilton sends message of support to Norris

It was almost as if McLaren driver Lando Norris scored an own goal after losing out on a potential P1 in qualifying. After having transgressed track-limit rules, the 21-year-old found himself at P7.

In his final flying lap in Q3, the McLaren driver took two ‘purple’ fastest sectors. But, things went haywire after he crossed the line marginally slower than the fastest time set by Hamilton who took pole.

Moreover, it came to light that the Brit had exceeded track limit at turn 9 and as a result, his time was deleted. This dropped him to seventh place just behind his teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Norris had outperformed Ricciardo throughout qualifying.

After the race, Norris took to social media to express his grief on the whole situation, especially when McLaren gave him a car that was at par with Mercedes and Red Bull.

In response, a despairing Norris received a message of support from Hamilton.

Hamilton told the fellow Brit to keep his spirits up. The 36-year-old had won the 2007 World Championship while he was with McLaren.

Norris, in an Instagram post wrote, “How I feel right now. Inches away from P3. My mistake, I misjudged it and the time was deleted. Sorry to everyone at McLaren, I effed up, you deserved better today.”

Hamilton, in response said, “Nobody can knock you for giving it your all. Amazing lap, it’s great to see you and the team shine. Move on, let’s race.”

This is not the first time that Hamilton had words of encouragement for a fellow driver. He had sent a similar message to George Russell after he crashed behind the safety car during the 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Five weeks later, Russell was driving Hamilton’s car after he tested positive for Covid-19.

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