Norbert Haug gives Mercedes advice on the only way it can repair relationship with Valtteri Bottas

Former Mercedes F1 Director Norbert Haug has said that Mercedes have to hug Valtteri Bottas and look after him.

The Mercedes driver has been suffering his worst season with the team. Coupled with his incredibly bad luck, his average performances seem to have shot his confidence down. However, the Finn driver is a fighter, and has vowed to continue fighting despite adversity. This mentality has earned him many supporters, one of them being Haug.

Haug opined that Mercedes would be foolish to judge Bottas on his current form. The Austrian sided with Bottas and said that changing drivers midway through the season helps no one.

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“You have to hug a driver, you have to look after him. Valtteri obviously has a problem at the moment, but he hasn’t forgotten how to drive,” he said.

“In two weeks, we might talk again and say how Bottas excelled in Paul Ricard. It may be, we cannot rule it out.”

It must be tough to be Bottas right now. In addition to suffering from poor form, he also suffers from being compared to other drivers. The English media has regularly been drumming up the ‘Russell to Mercedes’ narrative. George Russell, who is earmarked as a potential Mercedes driver, is another thorn in Bottas’ side.

Haug, however, is of the opinion that Mercedes must keep the faith in Bottas. He advised the three-pointed star to support Bottas as much as they do Hamilton. It is exactly what is required, because they need both drivers to land them the Constructor’s Championship.

Team warfare

With Sergio Perez recently winning the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, title rivals Red Bull have two drivers in form. As a result, Mercedes will need Bottas to step up and aid his team in beating their rivals. Hamilton cannot do it on his own against a two-pronged attack from two top drivers. He will need his teammate on his side to fend the challengers off.

Bottas and Mercedes will look to regroup when the next race takes place. If they deliver a statement there, that momentum could help them mount a strong comeback.

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