“Not as long as I’m boss”: Ricciardo not number one

Daniel Ricciardo represents a man of considerable experience in Formula 1. However, that does not mean he will be guaranteed a preferential role within the team. That is one thing team boss Andreas Seidl is very sure about.

Ricciardo will partner Lando Norris this season. Norris is a relative junior to Ricciardo. For Seidl, this is not reason enough to make a demarcation between the two. He has insisted that there will be no clear number one in the team.

“As long as I am team boss, there is no definite number one,” Seidl said.

“It is unnecessary and not conducive to team dynamics.”

Seidl has confirmed that this was not even a talking point during contract negotiations with Ricciardo.

The McLaren boss is delighted with the resources he has at his disposal.

“It will be a very strong pair,” he said. “You can almost call him a veteran already,” Seidl said regarding Norris’ stint at the club.

“He has developed very well in the last two years and I expect him to take the next step this season.”

It seems likely that Ricciardo and Norris will battle it out on the track, according to Seidl.

“They are both competitive and attacking drivers, but we have ground rules within the team. I’m looking forward to the battle between Lando and Daniel, but don’t expect any problems at all,” he said.

McLaren will have a Grand Prix winner in its ranks for the first time since Fernando Alonso left the team in 2018.

“That’s a reference we missed in the last two years. He has proven in the past that with the right material he can win races.”

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