“Not crossing the line yet”: Wolff believes Hamilton and Verstappen will try to keep fight clean

After his victory in the Portuguese Grand Prix, Hamilton has increased the lead between himself and Max Verstappen from one to eight points.

Both men are aware of the benefits of keeping their fight clean and free from unnecessary aggression.

Toto Wolff believes that the fear of a zero-point finish is what is keeping the two within limits.

“I think they are not crossing the line on the track yet because the risk of losing points is just too big,” said Wolff.

“But it is going to go head-to-head and certainly the rivalry may increase or not but I see Lewis completely relaxed about the situation.

“He enjoys every bit of racing with the team, getting us up to speed because we weren’t there and this is just a fun place at the moment. Actually, not at the moment – it IS a fun place.”

During the pre-season testing, Mercedes was having trouble keeping up with Red Bull. There was even a great concern that the manufacturer would probably be unable to compete for the title during the current V6 turbo-hybrid era. 

However, with two Grand Prix wins out of three this season, Wolff revealed that he would not have bet on such a performance.

“No, I wouldn’t have believed it because I am so in a way, reliant on probabilities and math,” added Wolff.

“Based on these facts, I wouldn’t have expected to be on pole twice and win two races. That was not what my brain would have told me.”

Do you think the fight between Hamilton and Verstappen will remain clean? Let us know in the comments below!

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