Odd one out: Hamilton likens his F1 career to Senna

Sir Lewis Hamilton believes his experience in Formula 1 is similar to that of his childhood hero Ayrton Senna.

The 36-year-old British driver is currently in the midst of negotiating a new contract. He spoke with La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Sportweek publication on the way that Senna stood apart throughout his career.

“He was alone in a system that was not always friendly to him,” Hamilton said.

“That’s something I have also experienced in my career.”

The seven-time world champion said racism was one of these experiences.

“The Black Lives Matter protests in the United States reminded me of the racism I experienced in my youth,” Hamilton said.

As part of his protest and to raise awareness, Hamilton began the pre-race kneeling ritual. This became a part of the official proceedings last season. Mercedes paid tribute to it by painting his title-winning cars black.

“Focusing on these things gave me more power – an extra boost when I was racing on the track,” Hamilton said.

“It was no longer just about winning, but about a bigger goal.”

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