Online sports in Norway: Is gambling popular in this country?

Have you ever wondered how the online gambling industry looks in different countries or all around the world? We are used to hearing stories about epic winds in Las Vegas or glamorous casinos in Miami.

But with the development of sports betting and online gambling in general, we are also witnessing a rapid growth of this industry in other countries and not only in the United States, Canada, or the UK.

That is why we decided to take a journey with you to a country known for fjords, magical skies, Nordic legends, Scandinavian gods, magnificent lakes, and gambling.

That’s right! Norwegian people love their online slots. So today, we are taking you on an epic journey through gambling in Norway, its rules, regulations, and differences from other countries.

What is online gambling?

Perhaps it is fitting that we start by defining online gambling and sports betting in general as it is a phenomenon. You definitely need to know that online gambling was never this popular as it is in our day and age. We link its popularity with the development of modern technologies and the IT industry.

An online casino is no longer a surprising platform. There are many people who enjoy playing online games and sports betting. The same can be said about toppcasinonorge which allows you to play with your friends. Furthermore, we expect this industry to grow even further and rival even traditional skill-based games.

Gambling license and safety in Norway

Many professionals and beginners wonder whether online gambling in Norway is legal. It is a fun question to answer for this country. Truth be told, there is nothing about the Norwegian legal system that says practically anything about online gambling.

The government doesn’t necessarily allow it, but they also don’t ban it. Even though it may sound tricky, considering the popularity of online casinos in Norway, we would say that it is more than safe to gamble. But, of course, you should do so responsibly.

Therefore, responsible gaming involves choosing a platform that will be not only licensed but also trustworthy. So try answering the following crucial questions to choosing the casino: 

  • Is your online casino licensed?
  • Have you researched game rules, RTP, and volatility?
  • Have you set your budget?
  • Is their support available 24/7?
  • Is their payment method selection able to satisfy your needs and lower bank fees?
  • Possibilities of using cryptocurrency

Real-life casinos are banned

Another major reason why online casinos are so popular in Norway is the absence of real-life slot machines or casinos in general. Yes, you cannot have the same experience as you would in Miami or Las Vegas. There are no land-based casinos.

It is also true that all gambling platforms are supervised by Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. These two organizations are controlled by the government and license every single online casino on the Norwegian market.

However, they do not allow the appearance of real casinos. As there are practically no other options available, Norwegian gamers venture into the world of digital casinos as the best alternative. We don’t know about you, but even our experts were rather surprised to learn this information. But the more you know!

Social casinos

Before we let you go and explore more about Norwegian casinos, we also wanted to talk a little bit more about social casinos. Not every single person wants to gamble using real money. The same can be said about Norwegian citizens.

They prefer not only gaining money but the overall experience they have with slot machines or live table games. Therefore, it is no wonder that social casinos are also popular here.

These platforms are based on specific currencies that you can gain and spend only in one application. It means that you’re not wasting your own money while gaining experience and excitement playing. 

Bottom line

We hope that we managed to prove that online gambling is rather popular in Norway. You may not see the same abundance of land-based slot machines as you would in the United States. Sadly, real-life casinos are illegal in this country. Nevertheless, online gambling is definitely thriving.

There are thousands of different games available online for you to enjoy. Considering the absence of real casinos, Norwegian citizens venture into close alternatives found in online gambling and sports betting. So, yes, online gambling or sports betting is extremely popular in Norway.

These people reach for excitement, social casinos, and profit and do so responsibly. For us, it sounds like a good reason to travel. 

Angela Boggs (Author of this article)

Angela is an expert in online gambling and sports betting. She prefers high volatility slots and live casinos. In her free time, she always tries to explore new variations of her favourite games and bonuses.

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