“Only got stronger”: Ricciardo explains what has changed since he has joined McLaren

McLaren recruit Daniel Ricciardo has now spent a decade in the sport. He is now well regarded across the grid owing to his consistency which features 7 race wins and more than 30 podium finishes.

Ricciardo spoke about how his career has taught him so much. Yet, he remains hungry to succeed and become a world champion.

“One thing I’ll say is, the desire to compete probably only got stronger,” Ricciardo said.

“Maybe that’s still, because I haven’t achieved what I’m still after. I have to control my emotions still, because I just want to get Sunday done and get out there. That desire, if anything, has increased in intensity.”

It wasn’t the greatest of starts for Ricciardo, but damage to his flooring in the car meant that he had to settle for seventh position in his debut race for McLaren.

Lando Norris finished the race in fourth spot. However, the British driver will know there is so much he can learn from Ricciardo. Assuming that Ricciardo is open to trading some secrets, Norris will get additional insight into some of the finer arts in the sport.

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