Orlando Magic’s target selection for the No. 6 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft

The upcoming 2023 NBA Draft is just around the corner, and the Orlando Magic find themselves in a crucial position with the sixth overall pick.

As the draft approaches on June 22, the Magic have been engaging in interviews, hosting workouts, and gathering valuable information to finalize their draft board. 

While they have the sixth, eleventh, and thirty-sixth picks, they are still dependent on the decisions made by the teams ahead of them.

In this article, we will explore the potential prospects that the Orlando Magic should consider for the No. 6 spot.

Top Prospects for the No. 6 Pick

With several highly regarded prospects already projected to be off the board, the Magic still has some promising options. Considering the odds on Orlando Magic, here are the top four prospects ranked in order of consideration for the No. 6 pick:

1. Ausar Thompson (Overtime Elite)

Height: 6-foot-7 | Weight: 218 pounds | Age: 20 | Wingspan: 7 feet

2022-23 averages: 16.3 points, 7.1 rebounds, 6.1 assists, 2.4 steals, and 1.1 blocks

Analysis: Thompson possesses the potential to become a game-changing defender due to his size, length, athleticism, and feel for the game. He shows promise in guarding multiple positions, ranging from guards to small-ball forwards. Thompson’s offensive contributions come from his skills in transition, cutting, and lob finishes. 

However, he needs to improve his shooting, driving, finishing, and utilization of angles to maximize his athletic abilities. The development of Thompson’s outside shooting will be crucial for his fit alongside the Magic’s main ball handlers.

2. Taylor Hendricks (UCF)

Height: 6-foot-9 | Weight: 210 pounds | Age: 19 | Wingspan: 7-foot-½

2022-23 averages: 15.1 points (47.8% shooting), 7 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks

Analysis: Hendricks is one of the most versatile frontcourt defenders in this draft class. His quick first jump, defensive instincts, athleticism, and length make him an exceptional shot-blocker and perimeter disruptor. 

While Hendricks possesses shooting versatility and scoring threat potential, he needs to improve his non-dunk finishing at the rim and playmaking skills. Pairing him with players like Paolo Banchero, Franz Wagner, and Wendell Carter Jr. would create intriguing two-way frontcourt options for the Magic.

3. Cam Whitmore (Villanova)

Height: 6-foot-7 | Weight: 235 pounds | Age: 18 | Wingspan: 6-foot-8 1/2

2022-23 averages: 12.5 points (47.8% shooting), 5.3 rebounds, and 1.4 steals

Analysis: Whitmore exhibits impressive athleticism and shot-creating abilities, positioning him as a potential high-level scorer. His strong driving skills, touch around the rim, and cutting ability make him a valuable offensive threat. Although Whitmore is a good spot-up shooter, he needs improvement in passing, reading defenses, and pull-up shooting. 

Defensively, his speed, quickness, and strength equip him to become a proficient wing 

defender, but refining his techniques and awareness is essential. Adding Whitmore to the team would give the Magic a more athletic wing option and expand offensive playmaking possibilities.

4. Jarace Walker (Houston)

Height: 6-foot-8 | Weight: 240 pounds | Age: 19 | Wingspan: 7-foot-2½

2022-23 averages: 11.2 points (46.5% shooting), 6.8 rebounds, 1.3 blocks, and 1 steal

Analysis: Walker stands out as a strong and physical one-on-one defender with the versatility to guard multiple positions. His quickness, instincts, and length make him effective as a weakside rim protector and help defender. 

Offensively, Walker’s reliable spot-up shooting and ability to space the floor offer valuable skills. While he has good touch around the rim and passing abilities, he needs to improve in creating his own scoring opportunities and consistency as an outside shooter. Like Hendricks, Walker would provide the Magic with intriguing two-way frontcourt options.


As the Orlando Magic approach the 2023 NBA draft, their sixth overall pick presents an opportunity to secure a promising prospect who can contribute to their team’s success. The potential selections of Ausar Thompson, Taylor Hendricks, Cam Whitmore, or Jarace Walker offer unique skill sets that align with the Magic’s needs and long-term vision. With thorough evaluation and consideration, the Magic can make a well-informed decision to strengthen their roster and build for the future.

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