Over a month since Haas sacking, Nikita Mazepin gets trolled for inaccurate representation on social media

It is easy to envy the lives of Formula 1 drivers, but people often don’t pay enough respect to the sacrifices that they make to enter the highest level of motorsport.

For some, though, it is easier than others. Strong family links or crucially family money is also enough to buy a way into the sport.

These drivers understandably face constant backlash from fans and in terms of skills, do come up a bit short when compared with their competitors.

Former Haas driver Nikita Mazepin is an example of a driver who just couldn’t win over the majority of F1 fans owing to his distinctly average skills behind the wheels and an attitude that wasn’t to the fancy of most.

However, it was neither of these two reasons that actually forced Nikita out of his Haas seat.

The Russia-Ukraine war has been relevant politically for a number of countries, and the fall-out saw Haas lose its key Russian sponsor Uralkali, which is owned by the father of Nikita, Dmitry Mazepin.

With his funding ending, there was no reason for Haas to continue with a driver who the team felt was not up to the required standard.

The Russian, though, has still not changed his social media bio where it is still mentioned that he is a “Formula 1 driver”.

This was pointed out by an F1 fan on Twitter and he compiled screenshots of the bio of both of Mazepin’s accounts to allow internet trolls the opportunity to revisit a highly-criticised name from last season.

Was Mazepin worthy of his seat?

Nikita Mazepin with his father Dmitry Mazepin. Credit: planetf1.com

Nikita Mazepin made his F1 debut in 2021 at Haas. It does without saying that his appointment had a lot to do with the fact that his dad’s company was a major sponsor for Haas.

It didn’t come completely out of the blue though, as Mazepin did have the experience of racing in F2. He wasn’t, however, considered to be the best driver at that level either.

In a championship that has 20 drivers, Nikita Mazepin somehow found a way to finish the season in 21st spot!

If there was one thing that F1 fans were grateful to Mazepin for was the endless meme and GIF-worthy content he gave them.

He even earned the nickname ‘Maze-spin’ owing to his tendency of losing control of his car.

At the start of the season, it looked like he would continue to feature alongside Mick Schumacher.

Things didn’t quite pan out that way, although you wouldn’t find too many F1 fans complaining.

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