Lewis Hamilton should be thankful to Pirelli for rediscovering his form: Peter Windsor

Famous F1 journalist Peter Windsor has praised Pirelli for helping Lewis Hamilton rediscover his form.

Hamilton did not start the season as well as he would have thought. Max Verstappen got off to the best possible start, and led Hamilton by 32 points until the British GP. However, a sudden momentum swing and terrible luck for the Dutchman means Lewis leads him by eight points at the time of writing.

One of the reasons for Hamilton’s resurgence can be attributed to the changes in the Pirelli tires. Speaking during the summer break, Windsor praised Pirelli for helping Hamilton rediscover his form with their stiffer tires, a change that coincidentally started at Silverstone.

Peter Windsor (@PeterDWindsor) | Twitter
Peter Windsor (pictured) has praised Pirelli for their work. Source: twitter.com

“I think the season has picked up enormously for them since Silverstone, since the advent of the new stiffer rear Pirelli tires” Windsor said.

“We’re talking about different pressures they run there. We’re talking about rigidity at the rear of the car that will affect roll stiffness as well. But it appears to have helped Mercedes and Ferrari more than it has helped Red Bull.

“Or look at it another way. It’s hurt Red Bull and it hasn’t affected Mercedes and Ferrari. Very difficult for anybody to say in Formula 1 exactly what is happening there.

“It’s been a very good first half of the year for Lewis in so many ways. It’s also been a curious one for him because he doesn’t appear to have had, in some races, the best car or indeed a car he can do anything with,” he concluded.

Problem solved

Pirelli came under major heat after the Azerbaijan GP, when their tires suffered punctures and ruined the races of Verstappen and Lance Stroll. Both had to retire from the race following irreversible damage to their wheels. They addressed the issue immediately, and seem to have succeeded.

With Pirelli getting the tires sorted, it’s on the drivers to perform after the summer break. Let’s see what Belgium and the rest of the season can bring us.

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