PewDiePie: Age, height, weight, girlfriend, early life, career and philanthropy of the Youtube star

PewDiePie is a Swedish comedian and YouTuber best known for his Let’s Play videos and comic structured presentations.

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Early life

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was born on October 24, 1989, in Gothenburg, Sweden, and raised there as well. He was born on January 8, 1957, to Lotta Kristine Johanna and Ulf Christian Kjellberg, and grew up alongside his older sister, Fanny. His mother, a former chief information officer (CIO), was elected CIO of the Year in Sweden in 2010. His father is a business executive.

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Kjellberg was interested in painting as a child, and he has stated that he would draw popular video game characters such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as play video games on his Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 

During high school, he frequently played video games in his bedroom and would skip classes to play video games with buddies at an Internet café. During his senior year of high school, he used the money he earned selling artwork through his grandmother’s gallery to purchase a computer.

Kjellberg then attended the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, where he earned a degree in industrial economics and technology management before leaving in 2011. While it has been stated that he left Chalmers to concentrate on his YouTube career, Kjellberg confirmed in 2017 that he departed due to a loss of interest in his course of study. He stated that dropping out of education to pursue a YouTube career would be “fucking foolish.”


Felix first appeared on YouTube on December 19, 2006. His original channel was called “Pewdie.” He explained why he chose the word “pew” to describe the sound of a laser. Felix’s early videos featured him playing Call of Duty.

He also included some vlogging videos. He forgot/lost the password to his Pewdie channel for a while, therefore on April 29, 2010, he established a new one called PewDiePie. On his PewDiePie channel, he primarily played Call of Duty, Minecraft, and different horror/action games.

For example, he would show brief videos of his best CoD kills, complete with amusing commentary and edits. For his Minecraft videos, he’d publish “Let’s Plays,” in which he’d simply play the game.

Early Success

PewDiePie started playing the game Amnesia at some point. For whatever reason, his Amnesia Let’s Plays videos struck a chord with the larger YouTube audience, and his channel’s subscriber count skyrocketed.

PewDiePie’s YouTube channel began to grow, with 1 million subscribers in July 2012 and 2 million subscribers in September 2012. He acquired a representation contract with MCN Machinima before moving to Maker Studios in October 2012.

Biggest YouTube star going around

PewDiePie was the fastest-growing YouTube channel in 2012 and 2013. The channel’s subscriber base increased from 3.5 million to 19 million in 2013. Throughout the year, he gained a new subscriber at a rate of 1.037 PER SECOND. That year, he received 1.3 billion video views and was the most subscribed YouTube channel.

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He created a PewDiePie iPhone app with the assistance of Maker Studio. He expressed dissatisfaction with Maker Studio’s eventual parent company, Disney, at various points, but eventually established a website and online store to accompany the app, which had become extremely successful.

In 2014, his channel has 14 million subscribers and 4.1 billion video views, considerably outnumbering any other channel. In 2015, he watched 300 million videos every month on average.


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PewDiePie’s YouTube Red show was cancelled in February 2017 after it was uncovered that numerous of his videos contained antisemitic themes. PewDiePie believes the videos were ironic and intended to show how individuals will do anything for money, no matter how inappropriate or disturbing it is.

In the most blatant case, he paid two people $5 to hold a sign that read “Death to all Jews” on the website fiver. There’s also a viral “subscribe to PewDiePie” challenge, in which people troll the world by spreading that word in public. At least two mass murderers have said “subscribe to PewDiePie” during their atrocities or in their manifestos.

Personal life

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In 2011, PewDiePie met Italian Marzia Bisognin. They formed an internet relationship, which blossomed into a romance. PewDiePie launched her CutiePieMarzia YouTube account in 2012. Her videos covered topics such as fashion, makeup, novels, movies, and beauty. It subsequently became one of YouTube’s most popular beauty channels.

In 2018, she announced her retirement from YouTube. They moved back and forth between Sweden and Italy for several years before settling in the English town of Brighton and Hove. They got married in August of 2019. The couple very unknown in the small beach village where they reside with two pugs, Edgar and Maya.


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Because of his fame, Kjellberg has been able to rally support for fundraising efforts.  Kjellberg ran for King of the Web, an online competition, in February 2012. He lost the overall title, but he was crowned “Gaming King of the Web” for the voting period of 1–15 February 2012.

Kjellberg won the following voting round and donated his cash prize to the World Wildlife Fund. In honour of exceeding ten million subscribers, he has raised funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and launched a “Water Campaign” charity, where his followers may give money to the Charity.

Kjellberg donated one dollar to charity for every 500 views the campaign film received, up to a maximum of $10,000. Kjellberg’s declared objective was to raise $250,000, however, the total money raised at the end of the drive was $446,612. In February 2016, Kjellberg arranged another charity drive for Charity: Water. The drive raised $152,239, well exceeding the $100,000 objective.

On October 31, 2019, Kjellberg gave $69,420 to Team Trees, a fundraising campaign that pledges to plant one tree for every dollar given to combat deforestation. The donation number is a comic in-joke that combines two internet-culture numbers: 69 and 420.

Kjellberg donated more than $116,000 for the Sentencing Project, victims of police brutality, and small businesses harmed by Black Lives Matter activists looting and rioting following the murder of George Floyd in early June 2020.

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