Pierre Costante Cardin net worth: How much was the ‘Bubble-dress’ designer worth in 2020?

Pierre Costante Cardin was a french designer. The designer is recorded to have made a fortune of $800 million during his lifetime. Pierre was 98 during his time of death.

The great designer passed away on December 29, 2020. Pierre is known to have created the concept of fashion licensing.

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Early life

Pierre Costante Cardin was born in San Biagio di Callata, Italy, on 7 July,1922. He however grew up in Saint-Etienne, France. Pierre was born to a wine merchant.

However, at the age of 14, he went to Vichy and became a tailor’s trainee. At the age of 17, World War 2 had broke down; Pierre was enlisted and was positioned in an administrative position as a part of the French Red Cross.

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He finally moved to Paris in 1945 to pursue his goal. Pierre worked as a designer for Christian Dior from 1946 to 1950. The designer also created costumes for a number of plays and films, including Jean Cocteau’s 1945 film “Beauty and the Beast.”

House of Cardin

Pierre worked as a honorary professor at Bunka Fashion College in Japan in 1958. He developed ties with Japanese fashion manufacturers as a result of this expertise.He designed the first women’s “ready-to-wear” collection in 1959. It was the first time a high-end designer produced a “ready-to-wear” collection.

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By the 1970s, he was widely acknowledged as one of the world’s finest fashion designers, and he received numerous awards for his work. Cardin received the EUR Award in 1974.

He got the Golden Thimble of French Haute-Couture Award in 1977. The designer went on to win it twice more. In 1977, he bought Maxim’s network of stores and converted it into a unique line of boutiques where he sold his creations.

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In 1980, he commemorated 30 years in the industry at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of his most well-known private residences was the so-called “Bubble Palace” in Cannes.

The 12,000-square-foot house is built up of ten massive terracotta-coloured bubbles. The estate features three swimming pools, magnificent gardens, and a 500-seat amphitheatre. The views of the Mediterranean from the mansion are magnificent.

Each bubble is adorned with a different space motif. In October 2015, he put the house up for sale for $450 million.

Pierre Cardin passed away on the 29th of December, 2020. He was 98 during his time of death 98.

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