Pierre Gasly insists he is on the same level as other top drivers on the grid

Pierre Gasly has insisted that he is on the same level as other top drivers on the grid.

Gasly is having an outstanding season so far, leading AlphaTauri’s charge this year. He has gotten on the podium and has almost single-handedly delivered the goods for his team. However, he is an ambitious driver, and wants to win. Fighting for eighth place is not for him.

Speaking to Motorsport Magazine, Gasly insisted that he is on the same level as other top drivers on the grid. He claimed that if he was in a faster car, he could do wonders.

“I believe I could perform the same way, you know, at least,” Gasly said.

Pierre Gasly, 2021 Monaco GP
Gasly has been a driver who means business this season. Source: motorsportmagazine.com

“There are still things I can do better, and that I always try every weekend to improve. But we’ll have to see the opportunities that come up. But at the moment, I don’t really have the answers and the only thing I can do is keep performing on the track.

“I want to fight for top positions. I have three podiums with AlphaTauri already. I know that if I will be in the best car on the grid, I know what I will be able to do. My personal goal, motivation, is to fight for victories.

“At the end of the day, it’s not interesting to fight for P8/P10 your entire career, that’s not what I want.

“I really want a competitive car. I’m working really hard to be a very complete driver. And I think that’s what I’m showing on track, I’m fighting with Ferrari, with McLaren even, consistently, performing in qualifying and in the races, and I think I’m showing very good potential,” Gasly concluded.

Carbon to diamond

Since his unceremonious demotion from Red Bull, the Frenchman has become a completely different driver. With AlphaTauri, he has reinvented himself, and is one of the best on the grid. He is always a thorn in the side of top drivers, and is not easy to beat.

Gasly has the potential to compete at the top level. If he manages a move to a top team, we could be looking at a future serial race winner. Or even a world champion.

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