After just half a season with Red Bull, Pierre Gasly was sent to exile by the outfit back in 2019. However, the driver is still bound by a contract with the Austrian team.

Pierre took the opportunity to send a message across to current Red Bull driver Sergio Perez, the Mexican who is Max Verstappen‘s partner.

The AlphaTauri driver revealed that if he were in the place of Perez, he too would have the same position in the driver’s standings.

At the moment, Perez is third in the list, just behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

What did Gasly say?

Pierre Gasly; Source:

“I think I could perform in the same way (as Sergio Pérez), at least, but we’ll see,” Gasly said.

“I don’t know what will happen to Red Bull in the end, they have the ball on their side because they manage my career, they have control.

“At the moment it is not a discussion that we have had with Red Bull, although we will have to have it at some point.

“I see that drivers of my generation have the opportunity to go to better cars and I see what they are capable of.

“I know what I’m capable of and obviously that’s something I want, but at the moment I don’t have the answers and the only thing I can do is keep performing on the track.

“That’s what these other opportunities will bring,” he added.

Verstappen talks about Perez

While Gasly is involved in a fight of his own to prove himself to Red Bull, Checo’s current teammate Max Verstappen spoke in favor of the Mexican.

“Yes (he would like Checo Pérez to be renewed),” Verstappen stated.

“Checo and I can work very well together, is an excellent teammate and I hope to continue working with him for a long time,” confirmed the Dutchman.

Perez and Verstappen are currently responsible for placing Red Bull on the top of the constructor’s championship.

Sergio Perez wins the Azerbaijan Grand Prix; Source:

Gasly vs Perez – Who fares better?

Gasly drover for 12 races with Red Bull back in 2019 and managed to rank fourth.

Perez on the other hand got his first win in his sixth race and repeated a podium victory in the seventh with a third-place finish back in France.

This has placed Red Bull in the top place making things difficult for their rivals Mercedes.

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