Pokimane net worth: How much does one of the most prominent female gamer make through Youtube?

Pokimane is among the most prominent female streamers on the internet today. She has managed to rise to fame by live streaming video games and creating content on social media.

Imane Anys, aka Pokimane was born on May 14, 1996, and began playing video games early on in her life.

However, she became popular after she began live streaming on Twitch and became one of the most well-known female gamers on the platform.

Pokimane. Source: theverge.com


Pokimane began streaming on Twitch back in 2013, mostly playing League of Legends.

However, she also did commentary and played other games too.

Her channel began to grow which led her to diversify her content materials to include fashion tutorials and also videos of her exploring the world outside of video games.

Pokimane earned a sponsorship from Epic Games which led her to stream herself playing Fortnite.

She also won the Shorty Award for Best Twitch Streamer back in 2018 owing to her massive channel growth. She also earned a name among the top 100 most followed streamers on Twitch.

YouTube goldmine

Pokimane during a live stream. Source: comicbook.com

Pokimane manages three YouTube channels apart from Twitch. The first self-titled YouTube channel features gaming content and has 6 million subscribers.

The second channel, named Poki ASMR, contains ASMR-related content and has over 720k subscribers.

Her third channel, Pokimane Too, features her vlogs and podcasts.

Pokimane is also a part of Offline TV which is a YouTube channel that promotes collaborations between various gamers and internet personalities.

Net worth in 2021

Pokimane’s net worth is around $1-2 million based on a report by TheLoadout.

Her majority of income is through her content creation on both Twitch and YouTube. Additionally, she also earns through donations, ads and sponsored streams, and deals.

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