“Can do more than Bottas”: Why former F1 driver thinks Perez will catapult Red Bull to the top

Red Bull had a strong start to their campaign during the pre-season testing in Bahrain. It seemed as if they were faster than Mercedes and looked like the prime candidates to take an early lead in the battle for the title.

Max Verstappen was fast during the pre-season as well as the qualifying. However, it was Lewis Hamilton who claimed victory.

Jacques Villeneuve, the former Formula 1 champion, expects this season to be exciting.

“Red Bull Racing has a great car, but they got caught off guard in Bahrain. They had victory in their pockets, but they found a way to lose the race anyway.

“It will be a long, top-level fight. The pressure on Verstappen has changed, mistakes are no longer allowed.”

Compared to last season, Red Bull have successfully developed their RB16. Also, Verstappen is as fast as ever and has found a dependable car for a change. The team also has Sergio Perez who exceeded expectations finishing P5 after starting in the deep end of the grid.

“This year, Verstappen has everything he needs and also a teammate who can support him in the fight against Mercedes. Perez can do more for Verstappen than Bottas for Hamilton.

“But we’ll have to wait and see how Verstappen will deal with the pressure this season. Because basically for the first time he has a real chance of winning the title.”

Red Bull is doing everything in its power to push back the Silver Arrows’ domination. Do you think Red Bull can shock us all with a victory? Let us know in the comments below!

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