Preview of the 2022 French Open

The French Open is one of the four major tournaments in the annual ATP World Tour. The other majors are the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open. 

The French Open is also known as Roland Garros after the famous aviator who won an air race there in 1910.

It takes place yearly at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris and usually begins about a month after the Wimbledon final. Here’s a preview for this upcoming 2022 French Open.

Who are the favourites?

Alexander Zverev. Credit:
Alexander Zverev. Credit:

All eyes will be on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to see if they can make it back to the finals or even break their own records. Nadal will be 37 years old by the time the French Open starts and Federer will be 41 years old. 

If these two can make it to the finals, it would be an amazing feat for both of them as well as for the sport. Other young guns who could also be favorites to win are Alexander Zverev and Juan Martin Del Potro who will both be 29. 

Del Potro just came back from a long injury and has yet to start playing at his best. He could be a contender, depending on how his health holds up during the tournament.


How does the scoring system work?

Roland Garros is played on a red clay tennis court which makes it slower and more challenging than other surfaces. There is no advantage to being a righty or lefty. 

The ball travels slower and lower to the ground making it easier to hit over the net. The scoring system is the same as all other surfaces but the games and sets are shorter. 

The men are played best of three sets with a tiebreak for the first two sets. Women play best of two sets with a tiebreak for the first set.

How to watch the 2022 French Open

The best way to watch the tournament will be on television. The French Open is available every year on most major networks in North America. For those who don’t have access to TV, there are a few streaming services that will broadcast the event including ESPN and Tennis Channel. 

Fans can also get a stream by using the website of their cable provider. Be sure to contact your provider before the tournament to make sure you have the service you need to watch.

2022 French Open predictions

Rafa Nadal. Credit:
Rafa Nadal. Credit:

If Nadal and Federer are both in contention, it will be interesting to see if they will play to break their own records or if they will try to break each other’s records. Nadal is currently tied with his fierce rival with 10 French Open titles. 

Federer is one behind the legendary Stefan Edberg with four French Open titles. In the women’s draw, Serena Williams will be 36 years old and could have an excellent chance of winning her first French Open title. 

In the last two years, she has reached the final and lost to Frenchwoman Ashleigh Barty. If we look at the odds for the tournament, Federer is the favorite to win the men’s trophy. Williams is the favorite to win the women’s title.

What is the prize money?

The total prize money for the tournament will be €32,000,000 for the men and €16,000,000 for the women. The winner of the tournament will get approximately €3,700,000 for the men and €1,450,000 for the women. 

The total prize money will be increased by €2,000,000 compared to the 2022 French Open. The prize money distribution can be seen in the table below –

Betting tips for the 2022 French Open

Federer is the favorite to win the trophy so betting on him to win makes sense. Williams is the favorite in the women’s title which makes sense as well. Looking at the matchups and betting odds, Del Potro will be a good bet against Federer. 

Barty is a good choice to defeat Williams. If you are looking for a value bet, you can bet on Zverev against Nadal. These are just a few suggestions. You can find more betting tips and information on how to bet on the 2022 French Open at this trusted sports betting site link to be added>


The French Open is one of the most difficult tennis tournaments to win. The red clay courts slow the balls down and make it more difficult for players to hit winners. 

However, it is also one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world and is a must-watch for tennis fans. The tournament will be played from May 29 to June 10 in 2022. 

The best players in the world will be there to battle it out for the trophy. While there are many exciting storylines that could happen, the most interesting ones would be if Nadal or Federer breaks their own records and if Serena Williams wins her first French Open title.

If you are a tennis fan, the 2022 French Open will be a tournament not to be missed.

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