“Put some gravel”: Horner offers simple solution to end confusion over track limits

Max Verstappen had sour luck after he missed out on earning the extra point for fastest lap in Portimao on Sunday. This incident took place after the Dutchman breached track limits at Turn 14 during the final lap.

When Verstappen was informed on the radio about this breach, he sounded surprised and suggested that he was unaware of any limits on that particular turn.

Former driver and Sky F1 pundit Karun Chandhok was not too happy with this scenario. He mentions that the Dutchman should have been made aware of the regulations that were imposed on the race.

“It was a slam dunk for the stewards. It was unfortunate for Max that he did not realize that they changed the track limit rules there from Friday to Saturday, but that’s part of his job.

“He needs to know these rules, he needs to know that the stewards are looking at track limits there and that has cost him a Championship point”

Christian Horner was not impressed when Verstappen’s lap was not counted as the fastest.

Just on Saturday, Verstappen lost his pole position after another breach of track limits. Horner wants FIA to look into the matter and resolve it.

“At the moment it’s okay to do it in some places and not in others and it’s confusing for us. So I’m sure it is for the viewers [as well] trying to explain if something is okay or not. We just need to come up with a simple system.

“Put some gravel there. Then there will be a physical penalty if a car goes off track.” he concluded.

Do you think FIA is at fault for improper implementation of its regulations? Let us know in the comments below!

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