“Quite happy not to see my picture”: Vettel explains why he stays away from social media

Sebastian Vettel is well-known for keeping himself away from social media. He is not present on any of the main social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Kimi Raikkonen was the only other driver on the grid with a similarly discreet personality.

However, he caved into the pressure of expectation and recently joined Instagram. This ended up leaving Vettel as the only one not on these platforms.

“I know that I’m a bit of an odd one with this because people have brought out a lot of things. People on social media spend time there and I can see the fascination and the interest of that,” Vettel said.

“But I don’t know why I’ve never chosen to start, so I also don’t miss it. I haven’t grown a habit or need to follow myself in particular. But I’m quite happy not to see my picture!” 

Vettel claims that people build an image of a celebrity based on what they see on television. The Aston Martin driver also says that social media is mainly just a form of entertainment.

The German disclosed that he does not feel the need to communicate through social media on a regular basis. Even though he is not very keen on social media, he does not criticize those who indulge in it.

The four-time world champion has revealed how technology has helped the sport of Formula 1. According to him, computers are necessary to build the highly complex cars used in the sport. They provide data that make the sport competitive.

Aston Martin has revealed that it will not force Vettel to join social media platforms mainly because of the driver’s concerns about getting addicted to it.

Fans would love to interact with Vettel, but they will have to do so through Aston Martin’s social media.

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