Rajasthan Royals’ Jos Buttler spills the beans on England’s performances at the T20 World Cup

Jos Buttler – T20 superstar for the Rajasthan Royals and England cricket captain – has some great insights on the modern-day sport. Boasting over 8,000 T20 runs (domestic and international), he’s a certainly a force to reckon with!

As England’s main man, he also has plenty to say about the team’s ongoing performance in the ongoing T20 World Cup.

Buttler discusses England’s capitulation against Ireland

One of the biggest upsets in recent weeks has been England’s fall to Ireland at the T20 World Cup. In the group, England certainly has the edge over Ireland on paper. However, the latter beat Buttler’s side by five runs, scoring 157 to England’s 105-5.

So, what happened?

Buttler chose to field following the toss and was disappointed that the team didn’t perform to its utmost ability.

“We had everything in our favour in terms of winning the toss,” he said.

“We knew exactly what was required of us – to not take advantage of that certainly hurts!”

Experts believe England simply didn’t play at their best as the rain beat down. Their poor batting and bowling led Ireland to a historic win. 

“The better team won,” Buttler accepted.

But, all is not lost!

Missing out on a golden opportunity?

Further disappointment recently opened up for England’s side as a crunch match with Australia at the T20 got rained off. The World Cup, hosted in Australia this year, has seen its fair share of damp weather. Unfortunately for fans and Buttler, the chance for a fierce crunch between England and Australia didn’t come to pass.

Following a series of pitch inspections conducted by the umpires, they came to the decision that the match could not proceed, leaving both sides with a solitary point.

At this stage in the competition, England and Australia clamoured for an edge on the Super 12. Buttler, of course, knew this only too well!

“There’s an element of sadness that, win, lose, or draw, we couldn’t play the match,” Buttler noted.

However, at the time of cancellation, the captain still held his head high.

“We know we are still in the competition,” said Buttler to journalists at the BBC. “(We) know, to a certain degree, we have our destiny in our own hands.”

A New England?

It is players like Buttler that continue to push England through even the toughest of challenges.

As Rajasthan Royal’s mainstay since 2018, Buttler is perhaps one of the most iconic names in T20. Despite disappointments with Ireland and missing an Aussie crunch match, he’s a captain the English side can still bank on.

It’s safe to say fans will continue to follow the star and bet on his chances. Before you do, make sure to read resources such as a Sportsbet review to ensure you know what you’re getting into.


Jos Buttler is a name in international cricket worth listening to. Despite England’s shakiness at the T20 World Cup and his own poor run of scores in the tournament, he’s resilient and resolute.

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