Ralf Schumacher thinks Guenther Steiner should look into Nikita Mazepin’s controversial driving

Former F1 driver and Mick Schumacher‘s uncle, Ralf Schumacher, has disclosed his thoughts about the two Haas drivers and claimed that the two ‘wont go on vacation’.

This comes after the French Grand Prix near-miss incident.

The first time it happened was during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix when Mick was about to overtake Nikita Mazepin, who swerved his car to the right to stop the German.

Luckily, Mick was quick in his reflexes and avoided any disaster.

Nikita Mazepin at Paul Ricard; Source: planetf1.com

History repeats at French GP

A similar incident took place at the French Grand Prix at just the fifth lap of the race. Mazepin approached Mick with an aggressive form into Turn 3.

This led the German to lose out on room and thus he had to drive into the run-off area.

As a result, a major accident was avoided which could have ended both their races.

What did Ralf say?

According to Ralf Schumacher, the Haas duo are straining their relationship with every race weekend.

“The two of them won’t go on vacation together. I have to say the only excuse I have is that Nikita is absolutely overwhelmed,” said the former Williams, Jordan, and Toyota driver, Ralf Schumacher.

“He drives in too fast and doesn’t leave any space. Thank goodness nothing happened because Mick looked in the mirror, otherwise both would have been out.

“At some point the team boss has to say something, even if Dad [Dmitry Mazepin] pays the biggest bill.”

Haas at the French Grand Prix; Source: wbtv.com

Mick displeased with Nikita

After the race, Mick clearly showed his disappointment with fellow teammate Mazepin’s professionalism.

“It doesn’t have to be [like that]. I think I have to talk to the team about it again. If that’s how it’s going to be in the end, then it’s like that,” said Mick Schumacher.

“We do our thing, he does his. Most people can explain to themselves that it doesn’t have to be like that. At this level, I can’t quite understand it.”

Schumacher managed to reach Q2 for the first time in his career and finished 19th, just ahead of his teammate.

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