Raul Jimenez reveals what doctors told him after last season’s freak injury

Raúl Jiménez has revealed what doctors told him after his freak injury last season.

Jiménez suffered a fractured skull against Arsenal last November. It ruled him out for the rest of the season, and was a very severe injury. Now the Mexican striker is back for the new season, and has revealed his feelings about the incident. He also revealed what the doctors told him after his injury.

“I feel like a player again,” Jiménez told The Guardian.

Jiménez’s concerned teammates summon medical help at the Emirates Stadium in November.
Jiménez (down in orange) after his freak injury last season. Source: theguardian.com

“(There was the) skull fracture, the bone broke and there was a little bit of bleeding inside the brain. It was pushing my brain to the inside and that is why the surgery had to be quick. It was a really good job by the doctors.”

“I never thought it was going to be bad, maybe because I can’t remember the moment. I always felt it was like maybe an ankle injury or a knee injury and that after my recovery, I’ll be back to do what I love to do. I never thought about finishing my career or stopping playing. There was a chance of that, but I was always confident I was going to return.”

Jiménez returned to training with his teammates in March. The first few sessions, he jokingly recalled, were a bit weird.

“I was like the best player in the world, running past everybody because no one was allowed to tackle me,” the Wolves #9 said.

Triumphant return

Jiménez returned to competitive action on the first day of the Premier League season, where Wolves lost 1-0 to Leicester City. He played with a reinforced headguard, yet that did not deter him. He challenged for headers, and the opposition didn’t treat him in a special way either. The Mexican was full of gratitude, and thanked them and the fans for their support.

“It was really good to be back again,” Jiménez said. “I remember at a corner, (Jamie) Vardy came to me to congratulate me, and (Caglar) Soyuncu and (James) Maddison and most of the other Leicester players came to me in different parts of the game too. I felt really good about that.”

We are happy to see Jiménez back, and hope he doesn’t suffer anything as bad as that horrific injury, one that could have been fatal.

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