Real Madrid slams newspaper for fake EPL exit information

Spanish football giants Real Madrid have slammed newspaper Mundo Deportivo for providing fake information about the club.

Mundo Deportivo is a Spanish newspaper that tries to break the latest news regarding Spanish football. They cover La Liga and all leagues below it extensively, and also focus on Spanish footballing affairs, and how Spanish teams do in Europe and beyond.

Recently, the newspaper published a story talking about something big going on in Madrid. They stated that Real Madrid remains disappointed with La Liga and its president, Javier Tebas. As a result, they do not wish to remain in the Spanish top-flight.

The report also makes another shocking claim, and that is the club and its president Florentino Perez are planning a move away to the English Premier League. This was actually published by the newspaper, and it generated a ton of attention and clicks.

However, there was huge backlash from Real Madrid fans and indeed other football fans, who questioned the credibility of the article, and why it was published. Pretty soon, Madrid themselves released a Comunicado Oficial, slamming the newspaper for spreading fake information.

The statement by the club read, “Given the information published today by the newspaper Mundo Deportivo , in which it says that our club studied going from LaLiga to the Premier, Real Madrid wants to make it clear that it is completely false, as well as absurd and impossible and that it only intends to disturb once more the day to day of our club.”


Mundo Deportivo may have made themselves the villains here. Under no circumstance would a club of Real Madrid’s stature and pedigree even think of leaving the Spanish top flight. They wouldn’t leave Spanish football in general. It is a part of the club’s history, and the thought of it is downright preposterous.

Moreover, if Madrid really were to join English football, they would have to start at the bottom of the ladder, and work their way up to the Premier League. Such a move would mean they can’t participate in the UEFA Champions League. Hence, the idea of it is totally unfeasible and ridiculous, as communicated by the club.

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