“It was not good for me”: Hamilton opens up on why things went sour at McLaren before joining Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton made his debut in F1 at the age of 22 joining the McLaren team.

Hamilton had initially been racing under McLaren’s young driver programme during his karting days and then joined the outfit as a full-time F1 driver. But with time, his relationship with McLaren began to deteriorate.

Hamilton’s patience ran out and he quit McLaren leaving many wondering exactly what prompted him to take such a step. He joined the Mercedes F1 team in 2013.

The Brit has finally revealed the reasons that led him to quit McLaren. He mentioned that he was finding it difficult to fit into McLaren and that his journey with the British team was not easy.

Hamilton feels that his time at McLaren was his learning period and his move to Mercedes allowed him to unleash his experience.

“McLaren was a unique experience and opportunity to learn. What I had to find out at the time was to understand what works for you. It’s not easy. You have to fit different shapes together. We’re not all square,” Hamilton said.

“This is the idea that a rider must have precise characteristics and fit in an equally precise position. But it is not so.”

Hamilton explained how his experience with McLaren taught him that things would not be handed to him on a platter.

“Over the years I have realised that it was not good for me. I had to find my own way. This helped me to grow and bring out the best,” he said.

“At McLaren, I did what they told me to do, I was too young. I learned a lot but as I got older, and consequently wiser, I understood how to work well with the team. Nothing can replace experience.”

Overall, Hamilton is having a great time at Mercedes as he aims for his next victory at Imola. Do you think Hamilton will win the next race? Let us know in the comments below!

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