Red Bull driver Max Verstappen had a dramatic, yet dangerous crash at the Silverstone circuit following contact with Lewis Hamilton.

The incident left a major financial mark on the Red Bull outfit considering the Dutchman’s car was left in an unrecognizable pile of metal.

Looking back at the incident

During the opening lap of the race, Hamilton did everything in his power to try and overtaking Max.

The Brit ended up tapping Verstappen at a high speed which sent him crashing into the barriers with a massive 51G impact.

Although it took a while for Max to step out of his car, he seemed okay and was siphoned off to the hospital for further checks.

Red Bull facing brunt of the crash

The Austrian racing team not only faced a significant impact on their points of the constructor’s and driver’s standings but they were also left with a massive bill for their car.

Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner revealed the cost of fixing Max’s car.

“That crash has cost us approximately $1.8million and an accident like that has massive ramifications in a budget cap era,” Horner stated.

Verstappen vs Hamilton

While Max Verstappen faced a DNF, Lewis was awarded a 10-second time penalty for pushing the Dutchman off the track.

Despite that, he was able to claim a first-place podium finish, leaving people with mixed reactions.

After the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was able to close much of the gap between him and Max in the driver’s standings.

At the moment, Max leads the list with 185 points while Hamilton trails in second with 177.

The next race will take us to Hungary where Red Bull will be looking to further increase the gap with Mercedes.

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