Red Bull focused on taking advantage of distracted Mercedes to attempt title win

The upcoming 2022 season will see teams wanting to spend their time, energy, and resources to win the next year’s championship.

This just indicates that the current 2021 season might have to be sacrificed to be prepared for the next year.

Former F1 driver, Damon Hill, seems to believe that Red Bull is focused on the current season while Mercedes will be focusing on the upcoming one.

Red Bull in the lead

Mercedes and Red Bull battling it out; Source:

Ever since Mercedes became the most dominant team on the grid, the Milton-Keynes outfit finds themselves in the lead for the first time.

It is estimated that the team will make an attempt towards the title as Mercedes are focused on the 2022 season.

Hill adds that this is the first time in a while that we have a team apart from Mercedes who is leading the driver’s standings.

What did Hill say?

“It’s incredible looking at the constructor’s championship. There is this other team (Red Bull) leading the constructor’s championship, some Red Bull team,” Hill jokingly said. 

“It is such a long time since we have seen that. It makes you have a double-take.

“You know when we talked about last time, and we talked about how I was worried that Mercedes have moved their resources on a little bit too soon.

“I wonder that’s why they were struggling a bit. They were focusing on the new regulations.”

Red Bull wants to take advantage

Damon Hill; Source:

“I was perusing an old copy of Motorsport magazine, and I found this quote from James Allison (Technical director of Mercedes), where he said, the changes are so large, the car is so different, that we are going to have to spend a large part of our technical resources during the 2021 season, in order to make sure we are ready,” Hill added.

Hill was asked if Red Bull will be doing the same as Mercedes, to which he said he is not sure.

“I am not sure, that’s my point. I think Red Bull would like to slip in there. While the cats are away, mice are playing,” he concluded.

Red Bull and Mercedes in battle

The current season has resulted in a head-to-head battle between Red Bull and Mercedes as both teams have won three races each out of the total six.

In the constructor’s standings, Red Bull is in the lead with 174 points while Mercedes trails in the second spot with 148 points.

The seventh race on the current season will take us to Paul Ricard for the French GP. 

Will Mercedes be able to turn the tables? Only time will tell.

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