Following Max Verstappen’s massive crash at the British Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon, he was sent to the hospital for a medical checkup.

However, by the evening, he was discharged with all his tests pointing towards good health.

Red Bull have made an official statement regarding the entire issue surrounding the crash with Lewis Hamilton.

What did the outfit say?

“Following an incident on the first lap at Copse Corner between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton during the British Grand Prix, we can confirm that Max Verstappen ran from his car and was immediately taken to Silverstone Circuit Medical Centre,” the statement read.

“Following an assessment by the doctors at Silverstone Circuit Medical Centre,” Red Bull continued. 

“Max was taken by helicopter to Coventry Hospital for further tests and observation.”

All tests okay

Verstappen published on social media stating that he is doing okay which was confirmed by Red Bull.

“We are pleased to confirm that Max has been released from hospital without serious injuries after a thorough medical examination at 10pm this evening.”

The team also thanked the track marshalls and the medical staff for their exceptional work during the emergency.

“Max and the team would like to thank the track Marshalls and medical staff for their exceptional care both on-site at Silverstone and at Coventry Hospital,” the report concluded.

For now, Verstappen hopes to regain his health to be able to counter Hamilton at the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix.

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