Red Bull reveals naming plan for new engine

Red Bull will assume responsibility of branding of Honda’s power units once the engine supplier leaves the sport at the end of this season.

A new company called Red Bull Powertrains will be launched as Red Bull announced that it will continue using Honda engines in the 2022 F1 season and beyond. The new company will primarily look at handling the maintenance and production of the power units.

Previously, Red Bull had rebranded its customer Renault power units after sponsor TAG Heuer. Then, it made a switch to Honda engines in 2019.

Team principal Christian Horner confirmed that the 2022 power unit will be known as a “Red Bull engine”.

“As far as badging is concerned, there’s no discussions underway regarding that,” Horner said.

“So, it will be a Red Bull engine.”

AlphaTauri, which is Red Bull’s sister team, is likely to go about it the same way.

“We haven’t gone into specifics yet but I would envisage so. It’s a Red Bull engine,” Horner said.

“As Mercedes is a Mercedes, it will be an incorporated part of the car,” he said.

Last week it was confirmed that there would be a engine development freeze from 2022.

Till then, however, Honda will continue to develop its engine for Red Bull.

“Honda are continuing to operate as usual this year and will stay committed to Formula 1 to the 31st of December.

“During which time they’re obviously working with our fuel partner ExxonMobil on it, which they’re currently doing, with the development of the E10 fuel, which is obviously the biggest regulation change into next year.

“It’s business as usual very much for the 2021 year. And obviously the engine will then be handed over for pre-season testing this time next year,” he said.

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