During a Formula 1 season, a car’s engine cannot go through a lot of changes. However, minor tweaking is allowed which can end up adding valuable seconds to a car’s performance.

Mercedes had deployed new engines for all its teams during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

However, Honda decided to wait for another round and will be releasing their engine for the French Grand Prix.

As a result, we can expect Red Bull and AlphaTauri to see a significant change in their performance in the upcoming race.

Gasly had a difficult time with old engine

Honda F1 engine. Source: thesportsrush.com

The lack of engine performance was felt in Baku.

For instance, Pierre Gasly ended up losing speed over the straights and as a result, was overtaken by Sebastian Vettel.

He also had to go through a tough fight to keep Charles Leclerc‘s Ferrari behind him.

According to Auto, Motor und Sport, Honda will be providing both Red Bull and AlphaTauri with new engines which will be more reliable as compared to the current ones.

This will be good news for Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez who need this upgrade to counter the threat from Mercedes.

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