Red Bull still looking to pursue legal case against Hamilton for ‘lenient’ Silverstone penalty

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton caused probably what was the biggest crash of the 2021 season with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

Despite being awarded a 10-second time penalty, the Brit still went on to win the race on his home circuit.

After securing P1, Hamilton put on a theatrical show around the circuit. But on the other side, Red Bull were left completely agonized after losing out on a massive lead to their rivals.

Additionally, there were also concerns about Verstappen’s health following his 51G crash that sent him to the hospital.

With a week passed since the event, it seems the wounds are still fresh for Red Bull boss, Christian Horner.

He revealed that Red Bull is looking to push for a bigger penalty for Hamilton.

What did Horner say?

The Brit does agree that Hamilton was let off with what he thought was a light penalty. As a result, Red Bull are collecting evidence to demand a review of the entire situation.

“It is no secret that we felt at the time, and still feel, that Hamilton was given a light penalty for this type of incident,” he said.

“Given the severity of the incident and the lenient penalty, we are reviewing all data and have the right to request a review.

“We are therefore still looking at the evidence and considering all of our sporting options,” the Red Bull team boss added.

Hamilton’s Silverstone race

After the restart following Max’s crash, most drivers including Charles Leclerc and Hamilton started on medium tyres.

The Monegasque, who was the race leader, defended his place impressively. Hamilton was awarded a 10-second time penalty and thus be increased the gap with other cars before pitting for hard tyres.

After 10 seconds in the pit, the Brit rejoined the track at P4.

Hamilton overtook Lando Norris and was given a clean pass for Valtteri Bottas. As a result, he regained his P2 spot behind Leclerc.

With just 2 laps remaining, Lewis overtook Leclerc who was in the lead for almost 49 laps, and took the win in Silverstone.

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