“Red Bull was there until the end”: Ricciardo reveals state of confusion before leaving team

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has opened up about how he took his career-changing decision to leave Red Bull back in 2018. He spoke about why it was one of the most difficult decisions he ever took.

The Australian finally decided to leave Red Bull and joined Renault in 2018. He revealed that he almost stuck with Red Bull, but had a constant change of opinion every day.

“I’ll be honest there were days where I was Red Bull, there were days when I was McLaren, days when I was Renault,” Ricciardo told GP Racing. “On any given day, I was fine on all three of those teams.”

“But yeah, it came down pretty close to the wire and to be honest, Red Bull was there until the end in my head. I kept going back and forth, thinking, ‘Ah, maybe I’ll just stay where I know’.”

The current McLaren driver also disclosed he has to pinch himself even today at the thought of driving an F1 car.

Ricciardo made his debut back in 2011 at the British GP and is currently one of the most experienced drivers on the grid. He has been a part of all the highs and lows in Formula 1.

“It’s hard to get caught up in it [Formula 1] when you’re in it,” said Ricciardo.

“Being in F1, it’s hard to step away from it and actually reflect on those moments. And if I do, like now, if I take myself back to when I was a kid and think of all that, it’s kind of pinch myself kind of stuff – how I got here, literally talking about McLaren, being a driver, because it’s pretty crazy.

“I sometimes don’t like to think about it too much, because it is a bit overwhelming. But it is actually nice to have that – to be able to look back, because I’m very appreciative to be in this position.

“Back when I was a kid I would never have thought in a million years of being here – I would have dreamed but never thought.”

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