Right from the moment of impact with Max Verstappen till the end of the race, Mercedes have assured that Lewis Hamilton is not to be blamed.

This comes after both drivers collided towards the high-speed Copse Corner sending Verstappen into the barriers and ending his race.

The Brit immediately took to the radio and explained himself stating that he was not wrong, something Toto Wolff confirmed post-race.

Mercedes claims Hamilton was fair

Trackside engineer Andrew Shovlin issued a statement that mentioned that Hamilton was not on the wrong side of things.

“We didn’t think the penalty was deserved if you look at the guide that the stewards have to determine who’s at fault in terms of overtaking, Lewis was sufficiently alongside and we felt Max should have given him room,” Shovlin explained

He further added that Hamilton himself was almost out of the race following the crash.

Hamilton avoided DNF

“We’d failed the rim, where we’d had the contact on the front left, so that would have been a DNF had it not been red-flagged,” explained Shovlin.

“But the rest of the damage was remarkably little – it was a tyre temperature sensor that had got knocked loose so was waggling around.”

Shovlin also stated that Verstappen should have been a lot more careful on the dangerous corner.

Verstappen far too aggressive

Shovlin further added that Verstappen has been a consistently aggressive driver, especially during the opening stages of the race.

“If you look at the sprint race and the opening lap Lewis was constantly having to back out of it to avoid a collision and he was able to put his car into a position where he could stand his ground,” he stated.

“Max drives aggressively and it’s inevitable that one day we’re going to get an accident,” he concluded.

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