Report: Additional ‘bonus’ points for sprint races being mulled by FIA

After much consideration, Sprint races will be taking place this year. What increases the interest value is that there will be points up for grabs during the weekends.

We can expect the first race to take place at the Silverstone circuit.

According to F1 boss, Stefano Domenicali, the fact that there are extra points will make things more interesting.

This creates an added pressure on drivers to collect more points for the drivers and the constructor’s championship.

Stefano Domenicali. Source:

‘This is an experiment’

Domenicali said, “We don’t want to sit on the laurels of a format that could become old from classic.

“This is an experiment that should make Friday, Saturday, and Sunday interesting.

“With the tests on the first day preparatory to a short race.- called Sprint race.

“To be held on Saturday which establishes the starting order of the main race on Sunday.

Sprint races might become norm. Source:

“A formula that offers more content for television and that allows organizers to spread interest over several days.

“For the riders we are thinking of a bonus of points for those who hit the grand slam: pole, victory in the Sprint race and victory of the Grand Prix. 

“If successful, it can become the permanent way of running the most historic and iconic grand prix,” he concluded.

Toto Wolff voices concern

Many teams and drivers are currently happy with the current setup. One such person is Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff who has been skeptical of the idea of Sprint races.

He, however, has an open mind about the concept.

Toto Wolff. Source:

Wolff said, “We are in a data-driven world.  So, I don’t think we want to block anything. It’s worth the experiment but we need to be very careful with it. With the format that we have and with the responsibility we carry for Formula 1.”

We can only wait and see how the Sprint races turn out.

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